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2020... The Year of Results?

Good Morning Growers!

I know this new decade has started of pretty shaky, but with all the darkness spreading around the world I have had more than enough time to find the light in all of this. 2020 has literally come and changed all of our lives in some crazy ways, but it has also given some of us LOTS of free time (#ThankYouFrontLine)... Free time means more time to work and focus ON YOU, more time to relax, and more time to grow. In my recent scrolling I have seen people using this time to eat more junk food and sleep all day, while I have seen others taking the time to better themselves. Junk food and sleep are some of my favorite things too, but why not use this time to improve? We have all come to a roadblock in the world, but it doesn't mean we have to put a roadblock on our lives.

Our days might be drastically different than they normally are right now, however when we come out of this we have the opportunity to come out much better than before. "HOW?" you say, well this break in time has given us nothing but space and time to produce the results we have always wanted yet didn't have the time for. My challenge for you, me, and those of us who are looking for more in life is to DO THE WORK NOW! 2020 will be the year of results for all of us, as long as we #INTENTIONALLY put in the work... Let's go on this journey together!

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