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Do I have all the answers?

#FOLLOW@selflovetosuccessllc I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how my book will help people. A lot of people also assume that I am making myself out to be a teacher or a guru of some sort, but I’m not. In fact, my book is the result of me addressing all my bad habits and laying all my cards on the table. I realized that I wanted a certain type of lifestyle, but I wasn’t living a life that was conducive to that. In ‘Living Intentionally and Loving Yourself’ I address how I became self aware, and how I began to work on becoming a better me... I then give you the tools to do the same. No matter where you are in life, my book will help you to obtain anything more you WANT through consistency, proactivity, and hard work. You may have a successful career, but something is missing... It’s FOR YOU. Low self-esteem and you wanna work on it? IT’S FOR YOU! Lazy but know you could do better?! MY BOOK IS FOR YOU!

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