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#HappyColors It’s the summer! What’s your #HappyColor?

If you’re anything like me you LOVEEEEE BLACK! Black OWNED businesses, Black men, black pants, black shirts, black shoes, black EVERYTHING! SOOO if you’re anything like me, that means you’ve also been HOT AS HELL the last few weeks... because black doesn’t really fit EVERY occasion. The deep and beautiful shade also doesn’t promote happiness in all of this sunlight.

Colors like yellow, orange, and pink are known to be #HappyColors! Yellow being the happiest color of them all due to its connection to the sun... Throw on something today that will not only change your #GoTostyle, but also your #MOOD!

Create happiness through all things that you do, and you will always be happy. 💛

My #HappyColor of the day is #YELLOW

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