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I Am Getting Better Everyday

My desire to build positive habits and do better for myself stemmed from feeling like I’ve always had more to offer. Since I was a child I’ve always felt out of place. I was always searching for what would make that feeling go away. I first started to feel complete when I genuinely started loving myself deeply. It was like my feelings were little broken hearts, and suddenly they had started to patch up. It was such a beautiful feeling. I wanted to feel it all the time.

Once I started building more positive habits into my schedule things started to make sense. I started to feel like I could really take control of my life and do something special to positively impact the world. That’s when I disciplined myself and wrote my book. I figured I don’t have to go on this journey alone, I can do it with others like myself who are looking to grow. I knew that once I wrote the book and proved to myself that I can create results then it was really time to take over the world... Here I am.

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