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I was, I AM...

I am a girl who used to subconsciously tell myself everyday that "I was not raised to be like that...". I had settled for mediocrity, and the "fact" that I "wasn't raised" to be a certain type of woman, more specifically the CEO type. I would say that "I'm not sure" what it was that had me so convinced I couldn't be anything more than I was, but everyone here knows it was low self-esteem A.K.A lack of self-love.

My negative self talk had me stuck in a maze of difficulty, and as I'm sure I've mentioned in one post or another, it reflected throughout my entire life. It wasn't until I wanted more for myself that I even began to realize that I was being so negative towards myself. I remember one day thinking aloud "I'm annoying", and then suddenly having this "AHA MOMENT" that maybe I should start speaking other things into myself and my life.

I began to change my negative thoughts into thoughts like "I AM a Queen", "I AM a Goddess", and then I started showing up as her. I have always been a little over the top, but now I am THROUGH THE ROOF, AND I LOVE IT! I realized that if I have the power to come into a room and present myself a certain way then I am going to bring my greatest, most outgoing self. I am going to be intentionally happy in every space I enter. I am going to spread love and positivity without hesitation. I am going to look for the best in everyone, and I am going to keep it real too. I am going to intentionally BE WHO I SAY I AM.

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im so very proud of you - Shannon



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