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#QuarantineReads: Be Inspired And Be Proactive...

Two things that go together hand in hand are are motivation and action. We have to constantly make sure that we are feeding ourselves things that inspire us to grow, or we don't get the work done. I know what you're thinking "WEEEE?! Darylin, you don't know me!"... LOL, but what I do I know is that you're a lot like me, because that's what brought you here. I am always looking for new ways to motivate myself, so that I can stay active. If I am not motivated; I AM NOT ACTIVE... The way that I conquer my laziness and/or procrastination is by discipling myself to stay motivated... That leads me here with my personal #QuarantineReads Sugesstions... Another TWO things that go together, an #inspirationalnovel and an #interactivebook. #SelfHelp #SelfLove #Becoming #Motivation #Success

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