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Self+Love and Discipline

We have already been in #Quarantine for nearly a month, some have rested while others have worked. Both great things to do, but why not rest and plan to get better? If you’re working, why not also include working on yourself? There is NO excuse to come out of this stagnant.

We have so much opportunity to grow... mentally, physically, and in success. You are the only thing stopping you. Every excuse you’ve created in your mind to just sit and stay the same is why you have seen no changes in the past. It’s no time like #NOW to put in the work.

Just think about the last few times you’ve put something off, have you started it yet? 🧐, or are you STILL putting it off? I know the answer, I used to be the same way. Mediocrity produces mediocrity. Are YOU treating yourself RIGHT? Do you feel good about YOURSELF? I know I've asked before, but that's what I'm here for. The only thing stopping you from the life of your dreams is you choosing not to commit to YOURSELF.

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