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The Fourth Quarter Play w/ Darylin Rae

Heyyy There,

Darylin here, with another tip to help you kill it this quarter.

It’s really, very SIMPLECreate a schedule and get into a routine.

Allowing yourself to “go with the flow” too often, can and will have you STAGNANT!

Everyday can’t be a “go with the flow” day, sometimes you have to create the flow.

You have specific goals, so why not set aside a specific time to finish them?

Exactly, there’s no reason not to.

One way to create a routine that works, is to schedule your more extensive work during times that YOU are most energized. Your routine will go through changes as you grow, so don't get caught up in the small things... just make it happen.

Happy Wednesday 🔥

-Darylin Rae 💎

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