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"The Perfect Moment"

If you’re anything like me then you like for things to be as close to perfect as possible, especially if it has anything to do with starting something new or creating something. It’s great to want all your ducks in a row when going into things, but there are definitely some exceptions. Sometimes in life you have to start right where you are. You have to dive in head first and go for it! I wish I could talk to you personally and tell you exactly when to do that, but unfortunately that’s not in my power. What I can do is talk you out of procrastinating any longer because it’s getting you NOWHERE. I personally recorded a full studio EP five years ago, and still haven’t put it out because I’ve been waiting on the “perfect moment”. LOL, the truth is the perfect moment doesn’t exist, and the more you wait for it, the longer you’ll take to get it done... Today, get up and go do that thing you’ve been planning on doing for five years, but haven’t gotten around to, and maybe just MAYBE I’ll release my EP this year, after all it is the year of results, haha.

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