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The Reality Is...

It was like a huge slap in the face to me when I saw that EVERYONE I KNOW had accomplished all of their goals while I had spent so much time watching and being too afraid or too lazy to chase my dreams. They were all who they had said they’d be. CEOs, Bosses, Kings and Queens, they were on top of the world. Their lifestyles weren’t even what inspired me it was the fact that they had told me of their current successes long ago. I had actually seen them work hard and make it happen. It was like everything they had said came true, and it wasn’t just one person it was most of the people I know. Real life manifesting.

I knew I had to change my life, my thoughts, and start WORKING. Prior to that moment and MANY like it, I was just judgmental and talkative. It took my own self awareness to realize that. I had been watching everyone work on THEMSELVES, while I simply looked on. I was so disappointed in myself for not seeing it sooner... I had truly been the only person in my way, me and my excuses.

It’s true when they say we are our own worst enemy. It is often easier to sit and look at the flaws in others, than to address our own. We have to recognize that while we are watching, others are working.

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